Baptised and Sent

These videos are available for parish and school use.  They can be played to a display screen through a projector, and a web connected laptop.  The cable connectors can be either VGA or HDMI.  A Google search for "Catholic, Mission, October" will bring up a whole range of video links that your parish priest or DRS might consider for use.  

Pope Francis' prayer intention in this 'Extraordinary Missionary Month' that the Holy Spirit may engender a new missionary spring for all those baptised and sent by Christ’s church.

Fr Bernard explains in this Facebook Video about the Mission Month of October. 

In this video commissioned by the Catholic Enquiry Centre we meet two Marist New Zealand missioners working in Thailand.  It is on Youtube at this link: 


Video available from YouTube as below for replay here, but is also available for file download here.  Please click on the purple graphic for download and parish use. This video will play in Windows Media Player and most other recognised media players.  You may be asked to associate the file with the video media player on your computer,laptop/tablet. 

Two videos of ppt files available on downloads page. These videos can be downloaded for parish and school use.  Right click on video and choose 'save as'.

 Fr Francis Douglas

 Mother Mary Aubert

The theme for the Extraordinary Month Mission 2019 is Baptised and Sent: The Church of Christ on a Mission in the World. This short video explains how we are all called to be missionaries for our faith, not just in Mission Month, but all year round.  From Missio.Scotland

A Video challenging our perceptions of our strength of faith.

Latin American Congress for Mission Month 2019.  Lively, cultural, festive. 30 mins.

Official Vatican video for Mission Month 2019